Out & About

There are always different cultural events in the Wellington calendar, it doesn’t matter the season or weather conditions. Our Manager will keep you in the loop with what’s on, what’s new and un-missable, and helping you to create and fulfill your activity plans.

If you prefer to explore surrounding nature, we can offer some unusual and relaxing scenary tours around the Wellington Harbour bays, to the different parts of the Pacific Ocean Coast, or to nearby small ‘retro’ towns in Wairarapa with their antique shops, and their well-known wineries. We are able to arrange picnics and different types of fishing tours as well.

Zenith provides very special limousine services using our three classic American cars – 1994 Cadillac DeVille, 1982 Cadillac SeVille and 1967 Buick Riviera – all in nerly mint condition and carefully restored for those guests who prefer to travel in style. Also a budget micro minivan, it’s your choice. See our Cars Gallery to make your selection.

All our cars are equipped with high quality audio systems so you can chose any music from our extensive CD collection, and travel with comfort listening to your favourites.

The nearby area is ideal for mountain cycling. Our mountain bikes are available at no charge.