Initially designed as a sanctuary with an accent on privacy, Zenith was created with a careful combination of luxury modern facilities, elegant interior decorations, and maximum integration into the surrounding nature. Before the Pool & Spa Complex was built, an extensive landscaping project was commenced, planting hundreds of trees and shrubs, creating unusual Stone and Rock Gardens, small waterfalls, multiple quiet pathways, alleys, patios, hidden between trees, allowing you to enjoy the real nature only 10 minutes away from the Wellington City Centre.

Our Park can be easily named a Botanical Garden, such a wide variety of New Zealand native plants, different types of junipers, cypress trees and other conifers is presented in the Zenith’s unique Park. Among all other plants, the accent was made on unusually shaped junipers, so you can feel their refreshing smell nearly everywhere wandering through the trees surrounding Zenith’s five-story complex.

Walking around, you will be able to stop for a while and listen to murmuring waterfalls, hear and see plenty of native birds, especially in the Lower Garden where most of the native trees were retained. Enjoy an extensive bush-walk – the total length of of our paths, alleys, garden steps and walkways is more than 350 metres (1150 feet). You can keep yourself fit walking at any time, even at late evening if you wish, because any part of our Park can be nicely lighted at night, creating a very romantic and relaxing atmosphere. But if you wish to enjoy all natural pleasures of our Park without walking at all, just jump into our fully enclosed Cable Car and travel between it’s three landings.

Click on Juniper Park’s, Cable Car’s and Waterfalls’ slideshows, and see the Zenith’s Park Map to discover all features of our great outdoors. And if you are traveling with children, don’t forget to show them the Park Map beforehand, so they can make their own activity plans.