Pool & Spa

Just a moment from your suite either walking or by the Cable car, come to our famous all-weather Pool & Spa Complex, and simply say ‘Wow!’ Only this word can describe anyone’s first impression of exquisitely curved lines of the 17,5 metres/57 feet long infinity-edge indoor pool with the large 3 metres/10 feet round spa pool inside it. They both overlook the 180-degree harbour views through the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. That’s the unbeatable Zenith’s ‘Wow Factor’.

Glance around at shimmering and glowing mosaics (fantastic blend of 9 different azure colours) the pool and spa are meticulously tiled with; at the pool house walls lined with the brownish Emperador and famous Bianco Carrara Italian marbles where each marble tile has a different pattern; at the 10 large Bianco Carrara wall slabs, framed as pictures, each one showing a new story; at the three huge mirrors reflecting the stunning harbour panoramas… At dusk slowly turn on multiple ceiling, wall and floor lights to start feeling a full magic of the place… And finally turn on relaxing music through the high-quality audio systems…

Yes, that’s not just a swimming and spa pool, but a wonderfully aesthetic Water Temple, inspired by both ancient Roman baths where aristocrats could relax for many hours changing cold and hot waters, and the Balinese culture where they practice a special form of Hinduism called ‘the religion of Holy water’ when any water pond or well or waterfall possesses spiritual significance.

The swimming pool is usually heated up to 25-27 degrees Celsius (77-81 degrees Fahrenheit), the spa pool up to 35-40 degrees Celsius (95 -104 degrees Fahrenheit), you can simply step over from the pool to the spa and back, every time catching a crisp and restoring feeling from the temperature contrast.